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 Tomb of the Vulture Lord

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PostSubject: Tomb of the Vulture Lord   Fri Jul 03, 2009 7:37 pm

Any guide to any of the boss's in this place would be very helpful

farao farao farao farao farao
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PostSubject: Re: Tomb of the Vulture Lord   Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:57 am

first boss both tanks stand in front of him to stop instant kill after certain amout of damage he changes phases to asp scarab or carrion tactics for asp dont do any rdps he reflects all damage back all in and do as much dps as possible scarab scarab rdps can to return to normal and rest dps as much as you can
finally carrion both tanks have to alternate knockdowns and keep boss on the floor as much as possible or massive aoe happens it can be interupted by knockdown you have to do as much dps as you can or he enrages after time these phases can be in any order
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PostSubject: Re: Tomb of the Vulture Lord   Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:44 am

Second Boss Strat:

Took as a bit to work out his mechanic, and in the end the fight is a gear/DPS check.

He only has 2 basic abilities:

1. An AoE he uses if everyone in the group is in melee range. It ticks for exactly 50% of your health, regardless of your wounds. Dont all stand on him.

2. He charges whoever is the furthest away from him. If your kiting correctly, he misses. If your a bit slow, he hits you once for 50% of your HP. If your even slower, he hits you twice, and you die.

During the fight he summons "adds" in the form of weapons that can't be attacked.

The 1st phase is swords that spin and slowly move around the room. If your inside thier AoE radius they tick for about 1k damage every second or so.

The 2nd Phase are bows that do ranged damage.

The 3rd phase is Maces that disable people. If you get to this phase your going to die soon unless you kill him.

The Boss himself is 100% immune to all forms of damage if he is standing up. Any DoTs also cease to do DPS when he stands up again, so direct damage abilites are prefered.

The basic strat is this:

Nominate a kiter, and get them used to kiting him (he is easy to reset, so its worth getting some practice in). We tried and few different classes, and in the end used a healer to kite since we needed max DPS on the boss.

The person kiting needs to run around the centre platform, and keep the length of the platform between themselves and the boss. When the boss falls over, kiter stops and stands in direct LoS to the boss. When the boss starts to get up, kiter strafes to the next corner of the platform, and the boss will charge to the spot where the kiter was before moving and fall over.

If you do this correctly, the boss will never hit your kiter.

At the start of the fight, everyone but the kiter stands directly behind the boss, and just follows him around, staying in melee range.

Everytime the boss falls over, you have about 5-8 seconds to DPS him before he stands up and becomes immune again.

Tanks should use taunt to get the DPS bonus, you will never pull hate using it.

If your not getting at least 5-7% of his health off each time he falls over, you need to find a way to get more DPS out of your group or you will most likely run out of time before he spawns all his adds and they kill you.

For physical ranged classes with a minimum range, its probably possible to stay just outside melee range and shoot, as long as the kiter is further away than you are when he stands up.

As I said, its a DPS race. DoTs, abilities with long build up times etc really slow your DPS down.

Edit: Tanks shall put out DPS gear, and a 2h sword for this boss.

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PostSubject: Re: Tomb of the Vulture Lord   Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:01 am

When u pull the boss, he will teleport randomly in one side of the room and he begin a channeled skill that hits all. Every tank and melee need to go and hit him asap to stop the channeled skill. After only little time he will cast a gold aura around him that kill everyone. And if someone survive then come the channeled skill again, so ready with group heals. He continue this way until he die.
At some points he will also teleport around the room, and cast the channeled again. Be ready with heals because at this point he will be invulnerable to all attacks for a while.
Until he dies (it seemed to me randomly, however often) can happen 2 things: 1) he spawns some scarabs that needed to be killed asap because they silence the healer (1 shot and they're dead) 2) most annoying he will do an alianment on almost everyone (-% dmg -% heals -% armor). It stacks 5 times I think, u have to remove it always.

The boss has tons of hp and he goes enrage if u don't kill him fast enough.
The dps must do the best dps they can. Stay focused and avoid always the golden aura. If a member die, wipe and do again, u need all the dps is possible. The hard part, however, is healing. The channeled does tons of dmg, save your morale for when he teleport and is invulnerable.

Some suggestion: when u pull him. The off tank pulls him, the other one is in a place to get faster to him when he teleport.
Healers in the bridge, maybe with a standard for AP. He will say some gdr crap before the aura, so be carefull.

Edit: When this boss does the channeling, it hits with Spiritual Damage. So stacking some tactics, jewelry and pots, can make the difference on this boss!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Tomb of the Vulture Lord   

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Tomb of the Vulture Lord
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