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 Code version 1.1

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PostSubject: Code version 1.1   Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:32 pm

Here is the most up to date version of the code:
The Code v1.1

All members are must have the minimum requirements in order to be part of HP wbs. These are the Minimum
Requirements are:
1. lvl 37 + (ie you must be able to do forts)
2. Vent is required. You do not need a mic, but must be able to hear the leader.
3. Fill in the registration form (see below)

Members of the alliance may register with the HP wbs. This means that they will abide by the code as much as possible. While these are guidelines on how we fight and interact they are just that, guidelines. Someone may get away for straying from the code and some other person may get a suspension depending on the situation.

The registration process is for the HP wb admin to capture data. HP wbs are open to all members of the alliance, who meet the minimum requirements. No one will be rejected. Hence it’s a registration process and not an application process.


When in a HP wb:
1. Listen to thy leader, for we fight as one. (Always follow the leader’s orders, even if you think it is a bad choice. The strength of HP comes from working as one)
2. Together we march, together we fight. (Always stay with the wb, don't go afk in a wc or walk off by yourself. Unless you let the leader know)
3. Failure is but a prelude to the next victory (never leave after a wipe. Try to leave a hp wb after a win. No one likes quitters and for that reason it is expected that all will stay and fight on if we get wiped.)
4. For the glory of the realm (NO RR HUNTING, pretty self explanatory, we don't zone hop for zone locks)
5. All must do their part (know your class, know your spec, know the wb tactics being used, and know what your role is.)
6. Suffer not the doubter (no complaining about how shit Mythic is or how Order are imba. Only things like that bw is nailing us are ok. Don't moan about things that are out of our control.)
**7. Respect for the brotherhood (please only use salute and bow emotes when greeting other members in the wb)
8. Respect for thy realm (treat all other players with respect; don't do things that would bring shame upon the alliance)

General play:
1. Guard thy bloodline (at all times try to help members in the Union. When not in a HP wb we need to help those that are not in the wb to get there. This means BrB and BS and all the rest.)
2. Act as one (if you are in a pug wb and an alliance member gets kicked for a weird reason, then please leave that wb 2)

(This section will constantly be changing to improve wb tactics, atm there is just 2. They will be expanded in the coming weeks as more HP wbs happen)
1. Standard Stance:
Party 1 and 2 will push deep into the order. Trying to do as much damage as possible. Grp 1 has got alot of broad and sword tanks so they will need few heals as a party. Tanks in grp 1 and 2 must rather guard the MDPS who run in with them.
Party 3 and 4 are the bomb squad. They have most of the RDPS and healers. Their job is to attack the same targets as grp 1 and 2 and to heal. The tanks in these grps must guard the healers. Tanks and MDPS assigned to these grps do not charge in. They will wait for order players to run into our lines (runners), and try take them out as fast as possible.
1.Healers are the main targets for grp 1 and 2 and the RDPS of 3 and 4. Others will target the MDPS runners.
2. Grp 1 and 2 must wait for the WB leader to issue the charge command. (ie he may say grp 1, 2 in) then they must make the charge. (MDPS please shadow your tanks closely, try not to get picked off)

2. Hold ground
All tanks will form a wall. The whole wb will then falls behind it. The idea is not to charge order. Any order runners are nuked immediately. Tanks must hold the wall as best as possible. MDPS can dance (stay very close to the wall but move a bit out to get kills. But not far enough to be our of range of heals. They must keep moving)
1. The best defence is an aggressive one. The leader will call the wall to advance every so often, until such time as tactic 1 can be used again.
2. Tanks are please to use [hold the line] as much as possible while in the wall.

1. Wb leaders - These guys are the only people allowed to lead HP wbs
2. Assistants - These guys are allowed to lead parties, they queue parties for SCs when required.
3. Members - These are the guys that make HP great without them HP is nothing.
(Leaders and assistants will together work on improving the code. All are free to give suggestions though)

Registration form:
In game name:
career: (write out in full please)
By filling in this form you have read the code, and are willing to, to the best of your ability, follow the code.

*Please fill in the spec as follows:
1. Full name of highest mastery (type of mastery)
2. Full name of Second highest mastery (type of mastery)
3. Full name of third highest Mastery (type of mastery) (if applicable)
The types of masteries are as follows (I hope I have got them all in Please let me know if I have not.)
Def - defensive
MDPS - melee damaging (direct damage)
Dot - damage over time
POS - positional damage (such as a witch elf's treachery mastery)
AoE - Area of effect
DDS - Disable, debuff, stuns (this inclueds anti magic masteries)
RDPS - medium range direct damage
SNIP - Snipers long range direct damage (to my knowledge that is only magus and squig herders)
HEAL - Healing

** - guidelines that are not in practise, but may one day become active once more.
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Code version 1.1
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